The Real-Time Communication Project
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We are interested in providing quality-of-service in packet-switched, point-to-point networks.  The service qualities of interest are delay, throughput, loss rate, and reliability (including security).  We believe that dynamic methods are better (in many ways) than static, reservation-based methods.  This web site contains papers and software produced by members of the Real-Time Communication Project.

Our work has been supported by AFOSR, CACC, DARPA, IBM, NEC, and NSF.  We gratefully acknowledge this support.




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"Real-Time Communication in Packet-Switched Networks", Aras, Kurose, Reeves,Schulzrinne. Proc. of the IEEE, Vol. 82 No. 1, Jan. 1994, pp. 122--139. abstract (text only) .pdf .ps


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